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ORTOTOP – Soil specific to kitchen gardens and hanging gardens


ORTOTOP Technology Solutions is a specific growing medium for fans of kitchen garden, suitable for various types of use.
The formulation is particularly enriched with ENERGY PLANT and suitable for all vegetable species without limitation. The product may be used during the preparation of  seed beds, by incorporation to the soil with a slight mechanical processing. In this case, promotes the germination of seeds, enriches the soil of nutrients and improves  permeability and ductility. Alternatively, it can be used for filling crop containers, of any shape and size, or as a substrate for the preparation of the seedlings. Finally, you can use the package directly as crop container, by planting directly inside.

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N021054050021 ORTOTOP L 45 8007446916232 54

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022038034021 ORTOTOP - Terriccio Specifico 3,4

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023030060021 ORTOTOP - Terriccio Specifico


  • White Baltic peat
  • Quality Compost
  • Plant Energy