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GREEN THERAPY – General-purpose soil for plant health


GREEN THERAPY Technology Solutions is a multipurpose compost free potting soil, produced by mixing the best of sphagnum Baltic peat. The formulation provides a fraction peat with rough structure, enriched with perlite for maximum aeration of the roots. The use of ENERGY PLANT is the guarantee of luxuriant growth . This product has no use restrictions. The composition is suitable for all types of cultivated plant.  The product works by stimulating root growth, which is the engine of the plant wellness. Perlite, together with the selected peat, prevents the stagnation of irrigation water and all related conditions.

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N011140020011 GREEN THERAPY L 20 8007446916010 140
N011060045011 GREEN THERAPY L 45 8007446916027 60
N011042070011 GREEN THERAPY L 70 8007446916034 42

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012028034011 GREEN THERAPY - Terriccio Universale 3,4 mc

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013030060011 GREEN THERAPY - Terriccio Universale


  • White Baltic selected peat
  • Black German frozen peat
  • Perlite
  • Plant Energy