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GARDENING – Specific soil for lawns


GARDENING Technology Solutions is a specific growing medium for the construction and maintenance of turf. In the practices of construction, it can be used to build the seeding layer by spreading it over the processed soil in a few centimeters layer. Alternatively or simultaneously, it can be incorporated to the soil during the mechanical preparatory processes. The presence of silica sand and organic matter play a corrective action of clay soils, improves drainage and aeration. During maintenance of the lawn, it can be used to level depressions, expecially in the turf playground. In the case of extraordinary maintenance (eg.  verticutting), it is preferable the use of TAPPETI ERBOSI Technology Solutions, characterized by finer structure.

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  • White Baltic selected peat
  • Black German frozen peat
  • Quality Compost
  • Silica sand